What is SNIP?

S.N.I.P. is an acronym for "Spay and Neuter in Paris" which is a taxpayer funded program with the intention to help encourage pet owners to get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered in order to help reduce the pet overpopulation in Lamar County which results in thousands of healthy animals being killed every year by supplementing (not replacing) the costs associated with the procedure.

The veterinarians of Lamar County have invested their personal time in helping to establish and mold the SNIP program. Not all veterinarians in Lamar County are participating. It is not mandatory that we participate and each veterinarian is allowed to establish their own terms of service based upon their practice standards. Because the SNIP program is low cost, participants must expect a little leg-work, and have realistic expectations of the level of service to be provided. We encourage you to understand that the level of service being provided especially during the COVID-19 pandemic may be unusual and be sympathetic regarding your public feedback. We encourage you to establish a regular relationship with a veterinarian beyond this procedure.

We accept the LCHA SNIP voucher as a coupon towards the normal price of our services. The estimated value of the voucher is $100.00

Our financial reimbursement from the program is not sufficient to meet the American Animal Hospital Association and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons standards of care. While these procedures can be done for cheaper they almost certainly do not meet standards of care and come with an inherent increased risk of complications. For more information click here.



  • Your LCHA SNIP voucher must be delivered to our practice prior to scheduling your appointment.

  • We will be happy to create you an account (or you can do it on your own) and enter your pet's information, but the appointment will not be scheduled until your paperwork arrives at our hospital.


  • A Rabies Certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian showing their license number must be presented at the time of admission along with the SNIP voucher.

    • If a valid certificate is not presented at the time of admission, or prior to admission your pet will be denied surgery and you will be directed to another veterinary practice OR we may proceed with the surgery by administering the rabies vaccine for $25.50.

      • We WILL NOT reschedule your appointment.

      • All information on your rabies certificate will be printed as you have entered in your Pet Portal account which may invalidate the certificate. Please fill out ALL of your information and your pet's information even if it is not required.

    • 1 year and 3 year type rabies vaccine certificates are accepted.

    • For an example of a rabies vaccine certificate click here.


    • Your pet will be examined for evidence of fleas prior to admission.

    • Fleas (If evidence of fleas are observed, then your pet WILL be treated* and you will be charged to prevent surgical wound infection. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    • Flea treatment charges will be refunded if you purchase a long term preventative (Advantage Multi).


  • *All expected costs must be paid in advance.


  • All participants will sign an authorization form which places a contractual lien on your pet to help ensure that any charges accrued (flea treatment) will be reimbursed.

  • Pre-anesthetic Bloodwork Consent Waiver (if not performed).

    • Participants will sign this form if they elect to not have preanesthetic bloodwork performed.

  • Surgical Consent

    • Participants will sign this form in order to understand the terms of service and quality of care being provided under the SNIP program as it relates to surgical sexual alteration.

  • No other services will be provided.

    • Any additional services participants may want or require shall be performed by scheduling another appointment.


  • Preanesthetic Bloodwork ($80.00)

    • If you elect to have preanesthetic bloodwork performed you must bring us a stool sample that is less than 24 hours old. Samples more than 4 hours old must be refrigerated.

    • Preanesthetic Bloodwork consist of a complete blood count, a 10 part chemistry panel and an intestinal parasite test performed by Idexx Laboratories 24 hours prior to surgery, ie. is performed the day before their surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

*****DROP OFF IS ALWAYS BETWEEN 8:00-8:30 am*****

Regardless of the appointment time mentioned elsewhere in any other communication.

Check-in time takes approximately 10 minutes.

***Please schedule your time accordingly.***

  • The night before surgery please DO the following unless specifically instructed otherwise:

    • Feed them their normal diet before 8:00 PM. Do NOT feed any additional solid food after 8:00 PM to avoid the risk of vomiting while under the influence of anesthesia.

    • Provide free-choice (as much water as they want) water all night long.

    • Start oral antibiotics, pain medications, or other medications that have been prescribed.

  • The morning surgery is scheduled please DO the following unless specifically instructed otherwise:

    • Free-choice water is allowed. (as much water as they want)

    • Exercise your pet before bringing to the hospital.

    • Do NOT allow any food, including treats.

    • Give oral antibiotics, pain medications, or other medications that have been prescribed.

    • Adequately restrain your pet at the time of admission. Leashes and/or kennels required.

      • Please take your leashes and collars with you.

    • Be sure to remind the staff about any drug allergies or other medical conditions that might be of medical concern at the time of surgery.

    • Complete the surgical admitting forms at the time of admission.

    • Be sure we have at least one phone number where you can be reached during the day.

      • Over-the-counter flea collars will be removed and discarded due to staff sensitivities.

PVA staff will not tolerate inappropriate behavior from you or your pet. (Mostly you)

Veterinarians are colleagues before competitors and it is not beyond our scope to contact our friends as you are being dismissed.

(Yes, we are tattle tales).

Estimated prices

Cat Neuter ~ $100

Cat Spay ~ $110

Dog Neuter
1-10 lbs ~ $100
11-20 lbs ~$100
21-25 lbs ~ $105
25-50 lbs ~ $120
51-75 lbs ~ $135
76-100 lbs ~$145

Dog Spay
1-10 lbs ~ $100
11-20 lbs ~$105
21-25 lbs ~ $110
25-50 lbs ~ $140
51-75 lbs ~ $165
76-100 lbs ~$185

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