What is SNIP?

S.N.I.P. is an acronym for "Spay and Neuter in Paris" which is a taxpayer funded program with the intention to help encourage pet owners to get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered in order to help reduce the pet overpopulation in Lamar County which results in thousands of healthy animals being killed every year by supplementing (not replacing) the costs associated with the procedure.  

The veterinarians of Lamar County have invested their personal time in helping to establish and mold the SNIP program.  Not all veterinarians in Lamar County are participating. It is not mandatory that we participate and each veterinarian is allowed to establish their own terms of service based upon their practice standards.  Because the SNIP program is low cost, participants must expect a little leg-work, and have realistic expectations of the level of service to be provided.  We encourage you to understand that the level of service being provided especially during the COVID-19 pandemic may be unusual and be sympathetic regarding your public feedback.  We encourage you to establish a regular relationship with a veterinarian beyond this procedure.  

We accept the LCHA SNIP voucher as a coupon towards the normal price of our services.  The estimated value of the voucher is $100.00

Our financial reimbursement from the program is not sufficient to meet the American Animal Hospital Association and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons standards of care.  While these procedures can be done for cheaper they almost certainly do not meet standards of care and come with an inherent increased risk of complications.  For more information click here.








Preparing for Surgery

*****DROP OFF IS ALWAYS BETWEEN 8:00-8:30 am***** 

Regardless of the appointment time mentioned elsewhere in any other communication. 

Check-in time takes approximately 10 minutes. 

***Please schedule your time accordingly.***

PVA staff will not tolerate inappropriate behavior from you or your pet. (Mostly you)

Veterinarians are colleagues before competitors and it is not beyond our scope to contact our friends as you are being dismissed. 

(Yes, we are tattle tales).

Estimated prices

Cat Neuter ~ $100

Cat Spay ~ $110

Dog Neuter
1-10 lbs ~ $100
11-20 lbs ~$100
21-25 lbs ~ $110
25-50 lbs ~ $120
51-75 lbs ~ $135
76-100 lbs ~$145

Dog Spay
1-10 lbs ~ $120
11-20 lbs ~$125
21-25 lbs ~ $130
25-50 lbs ~ $150
51-75 lbs ~ $175
76-100 lbs ~$185

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