We have many goals for you and your pet from getting to know you and your pet's unique needs and wants thereby helping you continue to build your lifelong bond, to application of the latest science based medical and surgical techniques to keep you and your pet healthy. That right, keeping you healthy. Veterinarians are at the forefront of human healthcare by recognizing and preventing diseases and parasites which can be easily transmitted from our food supply, or your furry companion.


Our official first day is considered March 3, 2014 although Dr. O'Bryan had been living in Paris for just under a year he continued to serve as a relief veterinarian, emergency veterinarian, and service his equine and cattle clients from Tyler, Texas as far south as Crockett, Texas.

He spent many years laying out the architecture of a building design that should allow for Thorough, Reliable, Understanding and Efficient care. Ultimately, he handbuilt 70% of the remodeling of the ol' Pizza Inn building that many folks have so many fond memories in.


Our goal is simple. Provide TRUE care. Thorough, Reliable, Understanding, and Efficient Veterinary Medicine & Surgery.


We know that you have many choices when it comes to choosing a veterinarian. Much in the same sense that we have many choices when we choose our own doctors.

So what exactly is it that determines if you have made the right choice? For each individual that answer is different and for each individual the reasoning behind that answer is different. In many cases it is difficult to put your finger on the exact reason, but there is something inside of you that just tells you that everything is "right." If you don't have that feeling of comfort, then maybe it is time to reevaluate what brought you there in the first place, and why you keep going back.

...and because you have so many choice for great veterinary services in the Paris, Texas area, we ask that you give us a try.

Our goal here at Paris Veterinary Associates is to provide you the best level of care that we know how. We emphasize preventive medicine as much as possible because we know that your choices for emergency medicine or limited and because of Dr. O'Bryan's experiences with emergency medicine and trauma surgery we have been able to identify those risk factors and educate and encourage you to take preventative measures. We are trying to provide the same level of expertise and experience that one may receive at a much larger facility in the DFW Metroplex area or down at Texas A&M University, but at prices familiar to the East Texas area.

We pride ourselves on making you comfortable by taking the time to educate you on what is happening with your animal and making sure you understand your options that are best suited to your financial needs.

Primum Non Nocere..."First Do No Harm"

This is a fundamental tenet of veterinarian medicine that every veterinarian swears an oath to this important creed.

I make few promises when it comes to the outcome of any patient because there are so many variables outside of our control, and I never pretend to be smarter than mother nature and the physiology of any living creature made by something greater than me, but there are a few the promises I can make.

My PROMISE to our clients and patients

  1. I PROMISE to offer and provide you the very best level of care that we know how to provide and to give you and only you the option to choose what level of care best suits your budget. It is our job to educate and inform you about the inclusion or exclusion of products and services however, we leave the difficult task up to you. It is up to you, and only you, to decide what best suits your budget.
  2. I PROMISE to never use fear and/or intimidation to persuade you to make a decision. That said, some of the information given to you may be scary, but its sole purpose is so one can make an informed decision. It is not to be used to persuade one to make a decision based on finances only.
  3. I PROMISE that I am not afraid to be wrong or to be proven wrong. We will always provide you your full medical records and encourage you to get a second opinion, even if that means the possibility that you find a new veterinarian. We would however, like to ask you to provide us any information that you obtain from the referred veterinarian so that we may learn and apply that knowledge to future patients.
  4. I PROMISE to never place judgement on you for any decisions you have made prior to seeking our help, nor place judgement or reservations regarding any decisions you have made with us. We are simply here to just help you out the best we can.

-Dr. O'Bryan