How Much Does it Cost

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the many reasons pet owners choose to change veterinarians is because of the increasing cost of veterinary medicine. We understand that. We also understand value, not just price.


We are always happy to provide estimates on any product or service and in most cases we do so without your ever having to ask. That's how we think good business is done. For instance, if you went into the grocery store and asked for help to find a certain ingredient for dessert that you were preparing chances are the sales clerk in going to try to convince you that another similar ingredient will be better and load your cart with other items you don't necessarily need like napkins, beverages, or utensils. Then why is it often times when you go to the doctor's, or veterinarians office you leave with items that you're not even sure you need, you were just told to give them?


We may do things a little bit different than what you're used to in that we offer you the best level of medicine that we know how to provide and work in the budget that you can afford and the only way for us to know that is to provide you an estimate and to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each product and service we offer to provide. To put it a bit more simply "We offer a Cadillac package, but can work in a Yugo budget."

We don't have an office charge, or office fee. Doesn't that seem kind of silly to have to pay to show up in someone's office? What we do have are examination charges, and that is EXACTLY what you should be getting. A thorough nose to tail examination of your pet. A good veterinarian always performs a thorough examination regardless of the obvious problem, or presenting complaints, because of the possibility of something far more serious going on that may not be readily apparent.


In general, I think you'll find that our prices are at or below other veterinarians in the area. We work very hard to not only provide the best service, but provide that service at the lowest cost. That is value. We encourage you to be a smart and educated owner as well as a smart consumer and that is why when you call us for an estimate and you let us know that your price shopping we will take the time with you to ask the other veterinary practices what they are offering for the same price. Let me give you an example.

Why does every vet charge a different price? For example, for a dog spay you may find that at Dr. A's practice the cost is $100, and that Dr. B's practice it is $110, and that Dr. C's practice it is $115. So why the price is so different, and who should you choose? If they are all providing the same service why are there different prices?

  • Dr. A's $100.00 price may just be the cost of the procedure itself, but does not include the anesthesia charge, or any postoperative pain medication.
  • Dr. B's $110.00 price includes the procedure, the anesthesia, all of the suture, and the placement of an IV catheter, IV fluids, a five parameter anesthetic monitoring, patient temperature regulation with a water blanket while under anesthesia, a local anesthetic at the surgical wound site, postoperative pain medications, pain medication to go home, and they call text or email you when the procedure is completed, and there are no hidden charges like charging extra for a female being in-heat.
  • Dr. C's $115 price is only a few dollars more but it includes the cost of the procedure, the suture, the anesthesia, but no postoperative pain medication.

QUESTION: Now that you've asked the right questions and have more information who do you choose and why? -FWIW we are Dr. B's practice :)