Pet Owner Library

If you are a current client and have a Pet Portal account we have a wonderful assortment of articles so that you can do your own research within the pet portal library. After you login to your pet portal look in the upper right-hand corner for the tab that says "VISIT OUR LIBRARY"

Our pet owner library is the best way we know to help you learn and understand the problem(s) that may be affecting your pet. In understanding why things are happening one can understand why we are recommending treatments and preventative care products and services. This educational area is being built by Dr. O'Bryan and his staff to help you. Please feel free to share the site with your friends and family.

It is also important to understand that many of the articles, videos and website links provided herein are a quick way to guide you to material that has already been produced by other veterinary professionals. We see no need to reinvent the wheel. As such Dr. O'Bryan may not necessarily agree with all of the information provided within those resources and may choose to modify any recommendations to the specific needs of your pet.

One final note, we are constantly searching and reviewing a large source of material available on the internet today and we encourage you to do the same however, if that information is not referred to from our educational library we may not agree with the information you have searched for on your own, so please be careful with interpreting the information you read, and ask us questions during your next visit.