Canine Wellness Plan



Well Pet Comprehensive Exam (2x per year)

Otoscopic Exam

Ophthalmic Exam

Rectal Exam

Dental Exam

Neurological Evaluation

Cardiovascular Exam

Weight Assessment

Coat & Skin Evaluation

Abdominal Palpation

Urogenital Evaluation

Musculoskeletal Exam

Pulmonary Evaluation

Heartworm test (1x)

Distemper/Hepatitis/Parvo/P.Influenza Vaccine (1x)

Lepto. Vaccine (1x)

Rabies Vaccine (1x)

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine (2x, 1x min)

Intestinal Parasite Fecal Analysis (unlimited, 2x min)

Deworming Roundworm and Hookworms (2x)

Unlimited FREE Exams & Health Certificates

Nutritional Consultation (2x)


Individual Value $457.94

Packaged Value $275.40

Enrollment (One-Time) $79.95

SAVINGS $182.54



Includes ALL products and services included in the Silver Wellness Plan AND…

  • Blood Sample Collection and Preparation
  • Comprehensive Complete Blood Cell Count
  • Microscopic evaluation by a pathologist for structural deformities, parasites and pathogens.
  • 5 part Differential Cell Count of White Blood Cells
  • Chemistry Panel with 18 Clinical Indices
    • Liver & Bone Enzyme Analysis
    • Kidney & Intestine Function Assessment
    • Calcium & Phosphorus Values
        • Parathyroid, Kidney’s Tumors
    • Cholesterol Quantitative Evaluation
        • Hypothyroidism, Liver, Kidney
    • Diabetes Screen

A CBC is important for identifying the most common blood disorder in dogs; anemia. A white blood cell (WBC) differential narrows down any abnormalities in the total WBC count such as underlying stress, inflammation, inability to fight infection and, potentially, leukemia. Low platelet numbers can indicate a potential bleeding problem.


Individual Value $573.93

Packaged Value $347.40

Enrollment (One-Time) $79.95

SAVINGS $226.53



Includes ALL products and services included in the Silver & Gold Wellness Plans AND…

  • Prophylactic Dental Cleaning and Polish
  • Urine Sample Collection and Preparation
  • Urinalysis - Chemical Analyte Analysis
  • Urinalysis - Urine Specific Gravity
  • Urinalysis - Urine Sediment Evaluation
  • Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal1
  • Anal Gland Expression1
  • Pedicure2

1 -Indicated services are performed under anesthesia.2 - Includes trimming and filing. Excludes polishing and painting


Individual Value $848.12

Packaged Value $419.40

Enrollment (One-Time) $79.95

SAVINGS $428.72