Q: Are you open and are you seeing patients?

A: Yes we are open and seeing patients. In certain situations we must examine your fur baby, but we also offer telemedicine services.

Q: I need to bring my pet in for an exam, but I am worried about being exposed to coronavirus. How are ya'll dealing with these issues?

A: Here is a brief summary of how we proceed with a patient needing an appointment:

  1. A drop-off appointment is scheduled to minimize the chances that anyone else will be in the reception area.

  2. Once you are checked in you will leave your fur baby in the examination room.

  3. A technician will immediately gather them and begin obtaining vital signs.

  4. Dr. O'Bryan will examine them at the scheduled appointment time.

  5. After the examination Dr. O'Bryan will contact you to discuss the plan and your budget.

  6. All diagnostics and treatments will be performed.

  7. We will call you to arrange a pick up time to minimize your contact while checking out.

Q: I live far away and I need to bring my pet in to see Dr. O'Bryan, should I wait in my car?

A: You certainly can wait in the car, or go run errands while you are in town. Please let us know when you make the appointment so we can get your fur baby in and out as fast as possible.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?

A: We certainly appreciate you wearing a mask and out of respect for your health we will be wearing a mask.

We are currently working with an IT company to allow live 2 way streaming so that Dr. O'Bryan can examine your pet in the exam room while live streaming to a mobile device in your car. We will update this page once that technology is available.