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Have You Found a Lost Pet?
If you need to look up the pets microchip number go to:
AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup Tool

If you need us to scan the pet, please come in with the pet on a leash or in a carrier and we will scan the microchip number for you and look it up for FREE!   
If you need a leash we will give you one for FREE!
If you need a carrier we will loan you one for FREE!
If the micro-chipped pet is registered as one of our patients we will keep them at our hospital for FREE!

2725 Clarksville Street
Paris, Texas 75460
903.785.4PVA (4782)

We utilize an advanced phone answering system that helps us keep our prices low.  If you are directed to a voice mailbox, PLEASE leave a message.  That message sends an alert to all the staff on their phones, cell phones, tablets, and computers.  Rest assured, we know you have called.   If you receive a voicemail message during business hours it almost always means that we are busy helping patients and that is of paramount importance to us, just as your pet will be when they are here.
Also remember if you keep calling over and over again and choose not to leave a message, the loud phone rings may be disturbing a sick patient trying to rest.  

Other ways you can contact us are:

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2725 Clarksville St