SNIP - Spay & Neuter In Paris

Dear All,
I have spent a considerable amount of personal time staying up late at night to create this page for you.  Even if we have never met, I want you to know that we care about you and your pet very much.  Please take the time to read this page in its entirety.  My job is to give you information so that you can make an informed and educated decision based upon your financial situation.  We make no judgments...ever.  That said, I don't want any client to ever feel to the need to say "...well I didn't know...."  Our regular clients know this very well about us. 

The lawyers though it would be a good idea for you to be legally informed. See the "Quality of Care" section.  There it is. If you don't read it, it's your fault.  Because this is low cost, you will be required to do some of the paperwork on your own vs calling and having us do it for you. See the "Required" section below. 


What is SNIP?

S.N.I.P. is an acronym for "Spay and Neuter in Paris" which is a taxpayer funded program with the intention to help encourage pet owners to get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered in order to help reduce the pet overpopulation in Lamar County which results in thousands of healthy animals being killed every year by supplementing (not replacing) the costs associated with the procedure.  

At PVA the SNIP voucher can be used as a partial payment coupon, or as a full payment.

The veterinarians of Lamar County have invested their personal time in helping to establish and mold the SNIP program.  Not all veterinarians in Lamar County are not participating. It is not mandatory that we participate and each veterinarian is allowed to establish their own terms of service based upon their practice standards.  Because the SNIP program is low cost, participants must expect a little leg-work, and have realistic expectations of the level of service to be provided.  PVA staff and doctors will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. 

PVA staff will not tolerate inappropriate behavior from you or your pet. (Mostly you)
Veterinarians are colleagues before competitors and it is not beyond our scope to contact our friends as you are being dismissed. 
(Yes, we are tattle tales).

Quality of Care
Pet owners should be aware that there is a spectrum of veterinary care that can be provided. By participating in the SNIP program your pet MAY NOT be receiving the same level of care that we provide to patients which schedule the procedure through our practice.*

Gold(-ilocks) Standard (Below is a partial list of what is included, click on the link to read about all of the details)
Participants MAY use the SNIP Voucher as a coupon (partial payment toward the standard price). 
  • Participants will schedule their pets surgery as a "regular spay" or "regular neuter" whereby patients receive:
  • Preanesthetic bloodwork is not included however, a customized selection is offered at a discounted price.
  • Multimodal Anesthesia (harnesses the optimal effect of each medication avoiding dosing range extremity side-effects)
  • Placement of and intravenous (IV) catheter to facilitate:
  • IV Fluids
    • Administration of preoperative, intra-operative and post-operative IV fluids to support blood pressure, decreasing the likelihood of damage to the kidneys, and helping the liver and kidney's process the medications and eliminate them from the body safely.
  • Placement of a breathing tube in the windpipe (to hold open the flappers in the back of your throat to keep fluids from going down the wrong pipe, this is what happens when you choke on your own spit)
  • Administration of 100% oxygen and anesthetic gases
    • Allows for constant adaptation based upon monitored vital signs, so patients are are always under the ideal level of anesthesia. Not to light, not too deep.
    • Just like Goldilocks "Ah, this porridge is just right"
  • Full sterile operating room attire to minimize wound contamination and infection.
  • Includes Post-Operative pain mediation.
  • Price Comparison for a 100 lb Dog Spay
    • Standard Price ~ $187.00 VS 
    • SNIP Dog Spay (with purchase pain medications) ~ $168.00 - ($75 Voucher) = $93.00
      • Participants would pay less than 1/2 the cost for a higher quality procedure.

If you accept the SNIP voucher at face value*:
  • Preanesthetic Bloodwork is not included, and only one profile will be offered.
  • Post-operative pain medication is NOT included.
  • Overnight postoperative monitoring in NOT provided.
  • Intra-operative complications are NOT covered.
  • Post-operative complications are NOT covered.
  • Inferior sedatives and anesthetic agents must be used due to imposed financial constraints.
    • Inferior = shorter acting, less well tolerated by the body, increased side-effects, less intra-operative pain control. 
    • A "set it and forget it" style anesthesia will be used.
  • IV catheters and IV fluids to support the heart and blood pressure will NOT be used. 
  • Intra-operative vital signs monitoring will NOT be used
  • Local anesthetic nerve blocks (for pain control) will NOT be used. 
  • Generic name (ie not trusted brand name) sutures will be used.
  • Patients will not be intubated with an endotracheal tube to support their airway. 
  • Emergency measures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and/or the administration of chemical resuscitation WILL NOT performed with or without prior consent.  

  • All Participants MUST Create an Account Online (Discount Price = More work for participants)
    • Any participants that come in to sign up will be redirected to our kiosk to sign up.
    • The Paris Library has internet access to allow those without computer and/or internet access to sign up.
    • Any participants that call to sign-up or create an appointment will be redirected to our website.
  • Request an Appointment
    • Once an account is created you will receive an email with your username and password. 
    • Log into the Pet Portal and update ALL of: 
      • Your information.
      • Your pet's information. 
      • Your information remains private and is not shared or sold to any other parties without your express written consent. Promise! 
    • Request an appointment as: (copy and paste the following from this website if necessary)
      • " SNIP Dog Neuter " (for male dogs)
      • " SNIP Dog Spay " (for female dogs)
      • " SNIP Cat Neuter " (for male cats)
      • " SNIP Cat Spay " (for female cats)
      • Failure on your part to request the appointment correctly will likely result in an appointment not being made, or you being sent a link back to this page.
    • If you would like to have preanesthetic bloodwork performed in addition to having the SNIP voucher accepted at face value:
      •  Request another appointment for " SNIP Preanesthetic Bloodwork "
      • Failure on your part to request the appointment correctly will likely result in an appointment not being made, or you being sent a link back to this page.
    • Participants wanting to use the SNIP voucher as a coupon to apply partial payment and wanting to have our normal AAHA quality of care standards performed need to request an appointment as
      • " SNIP Coupon Dog Neuter "
      • " SNIP Coupon Dog Spay "
      • " SNIP Coupon Cat Neuter "
      • " SNIP Coupon Cat Spay "
      • Failure on your part to request the appointment correctly will likely result in an appointment not being made, or you being sent a link back to this page.
  • A Rabies Certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian showing their license number must be presented at the time of admission along with the SNIP voucher.
    • If the a valid certificate is not presented at the time of admission, or prior to admission your pet will be denied surgery and you will be directed to another veterinary practice OR we my proceed with the surgery by administering the rabies vaccine for $25.50.
      • We WILL NOT reschedule your appointment.
      • All information on your rabies certificate will be printed as you have entered in your Pet Portal account which may invalidate the certificate. Please fill out ALL of your information and your pet's information even if it is not required.
      • A rabies tag will be issued without our custom name engraving. 
    • 1 year and 3 year type rabies vaccine certificates are accepted.
    • For an example of a rabies vaccine certificate click here.

  • Post-operative pain medication ($20)
  • Preanesthetic Bloodwork ($65.50)
    • If you elect to have preanesthetic bloodwork performed you must bring us a stool sample that is less than 24 hours old.  Samples more than 4 hours old must be refrigerated. 

Other Costs
  • *All expected costs must be paid in advance. 
  • Your pet will be examined for evidence of fleas prior to admission.
  • Fleas (If evidence of fleas are observed, then your pet WILL be treated* and you will be charged to prevent surgical wound infection. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Flea treatment charges will be refunded if you purchase a long term preventative (Advantage Multi).
  • Post-operative Sedation/Pain Medication
    • If your pet requires post-operative sedation for pain and you elected not to purchase post-operative pain medication you will be charged a fair price for those medications. 
    • If your dog wakes up in pain, vocalizing, whaling, head jerking, head bobbing, howling, slamming it's head against the cage, or falling over and trying to stand up again, and you have chosen not to purchase pain medication, and you do not arrive immediately to take them home so you can endure the torture, be aware that we did not sign up for that!
  • Weight Surcharges*
    • Patients weighing over 50 pounds will now incur a minimal weight surcharge due to a decrease in the funding of the voucher.  
      • Examples, 55 lbs = $78.00, 75 lbs = $91.50, 100 lbs = $108.00

Other Information
  • SNIP surgeries will be scheduled between March 11, 2019 - April 12, 2018.
  • Authorization for Services
    • All participants will sign an authorization form which places a contractual lien on your pet to help ensure that any charges accrued (flea treatment) will be reimbursed.
  • Pre-anesthetic Bloodwork Consent Waiver (if not performed).
    • Participants will sign this form if they elect to not have preanesthetic bloodwork performed.
  • Surgical Consent
    • Participants will sign this form in order to understand the terms of service and quality of care being provided under the SNIP program as it relates to surgical sexual alteration.
  • No other services will be provided.  
    • Any additional services participants may want or require shall be performed  by scheduling another appointment.

Preparing for Surgery
*****DROP OFF IS ALWAYS BETWEEN 8:00-8:30 am***** 
Regardless of the appointment time mentioned elsewhere in any other communication. 
Check-in time takes approximately 10 minutes. 
***Please schedule your time accordingly.***
  • The night before surgery please DO the following unless specifically instructed otherwise: 
    • 1) Feed them their normal diet before 8:00 PM. Do NOT feed any additional solid food after 8:00 PM to avoid the risk of vomiting while under the influence of anesthesia. 
    • 2) Provide free-choice (as much water as they want) water all night long. 
    • 3) Start oral antibiotics, pain medications, or other medications that have been prescribed. 
  • The morning surgery is scheduled please DO the following unless specifically instructed otherwise: 
    • 1) Free-choice water is allowed. (as much water as they want)
    • 2) Exercise your pet before bringing to the hospital. 
    • 3) Do NOT allow any food, including treats. 
    • 4) Give oral antibiotics, pain medications, or other medications that have been prescribed. 
    • 5) Adequately restrain your pet at the time of admission. Leashes and/or kennels required.
    • 6) Be sure to remind the staff about any drug allergies or other medical conditions that might be of medical concern at the time of surgery. 
    • 7) Complete the surgical admitting forms at the time of admission. 
    • 9) Be sure we have at least one phone number where you can be reached during the day. 
    • 10) Please take your leashes and collars with you. 
      • Over-the-counter flea collars will be removed and discarded due to staff sensitivities.
    • Most patients will go home between 4:30 pm AND 5:00 pm the day of their surgery.  If your pet is ready to go home sooner we will contact you.

*While we do accept the SNIP voucher at face value, some patients are simply to large to cover our basic costs.  Spay's and neuters are "normal" procedures and they are "routine" for our practice however, they are still considered major surgeries because the patient must undergo general anesthesia. 
**Participants may request that the SNIP voucher be used as a coupon to partially pay for the cost of the surgical procedure and request that their pet be provided AAHA standard of care. 

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