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"The Flea Pill"

Online Pharmacy Buyer Beware

WHY BUY FROM US VS Online Pharmacies?

1. We not only match 1-800 PetMeds prices, but WE BEAT PETMEDS ONLINE PRICES.  You don't even have to ask. 
2. Online pharmacies will ONLY sell you a box of 6 or a box of 12.  WE SELL INDIVIDUAL DOSES.
3. PetMEDS WON'T SELL you heartworm prevention without a veterinary prescription. No problem for us,  you are already here.  No faxing, no emailing, no waiting on the vet. 
4. When you buy from an online pharmacy YOU LOOSE THE MANUFACTURER PRODUCT WARRANTY.  We will ensure that your pet stays up to date with a heartworm test and all other criteria to maintain the manufacturer's guarantee.
5. INSTANT GRADIFICATION. Don't wait for shipping to arrive.  Get your pet protected the same day you walk out our doors with product and peace of mind in hand.
6. The FDA has an official WARNING ABOUT ONLINE PHARMACIES. Don't believe us? Go to:
7. 1-800-PetMeds will not extend any of the manufacturers product promotion specials to you, instead they offer you what appears to be a good deal like some skimpy 10% discount and free shipping, but they are still making a lot of money off of you and robbing you of the manufacturers guarantee.  WE EXTEND ALL MANUFACTURER DISCOUNTS STRAIGHT TO YOU.
8.  ADVERSE REACTIONS. Will 1-800-PetMeds or any other online pharmacy examine, diagnose and treat your pet for you when they have an adverse reaction?  We'll be there for you.

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