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Dr. O'Bryan - Owner

Dr. O'Bryan with Reveille VIIDr.O’Bryan was born and raised in Richardson, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) and although his graduating high school class was over 650 students, it was this unlikely area paved in 6 lane concrete roads where he found his passion for horses.  A bicycles ride from home were two competing stables where he volunteered, was a hired farm-hand, and it was these small pieces of country within the city where he spent most of his spare time.  Occasional trips to see family in the Longview and Gilmer areas helped seed his love for the country lifestyle and the east Texas area.

Upon graduation from high school, he fulfilled his calling to God and country and served as a hospital corpsman in the United States Navy for five years.  Starting at the bottom and quickly working his way up the military hierarchy, starting with advancement in boot camp, he excelled at basic medical training and was shipped to Washington D.C. where he learning advanced surgical techniques.  With the increase in responsibility, and personal maturity, came the opportunity to serve his country on a global scale in many other areas of military life.

Honorably discharged from active duty, it was back home to Texas where he completed his bachelors in Animal Science from Texas A&M University-Commerce (East Texas State) in 2004. It was during this time in Commerce that he came to know and love Paris, Texas.  From his initial studies he went on to receive his doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University in 2008.  It’s no surprise that Dr. O’Bryan took a special interest in equine medicine and surgery during veterinary school in addition to the didactic and clinical skills of small animal medicine.  The parallels of a veterinarian and a medical doctor are many, and after thirteen years of working in human surgery he wanted to explore all aspects of his new career, not just surgery.  A brief visit to the beautiful horse country of Kentucky to continue specialized training in equine surgery helped him realize that there are many facets of veterinary medicine to be explored, and he moved to the foothills of Denver, Colorado, and spent a year working for a large animal and equine practice where he gained valuable, practical experience and specialized in equine dental and surgical techniques.  And because the mountains of Colorado are filled with ruminant species such as elk, goats, camelids; llamas and alpacas, as well as some cattle, and because there were no other veterinarians around that serviced these types of animals, he brings those skills to our area as well.  He enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine including small animal medicine and surgery, but his real talents shine with equine dentistry, tooth extraction, oral and sinus surgery, lameness, reproductive medicine and more recently large animal exotic medicine, such as elephants and camels.  Difficult, chronic, unusual, or any other challenging cases are always welcome.   

While living in the beautiful mountainside of Colorado, he was blessed with meeting a wonderful and very talented woman, she is an Iowa native with a singing voice of an angel, an avid runner, track coach, and very talented high school chemistry teacher. They moved from Colorado to the Tyler area where Dr. O’Bryan practiced at a progressive mixed animal practice where he continued to practice and expand their equine medicine and surgery department as well as expand his own skill set learning the intricacies of small animal internal medicine in areas such as oncology which includes but is not limited to tumor resection and chemotherapy.  While in the Tyler area he also practiced emergency medicine and referral medicine and surgery at over 15 different practices which helped him grow immensely learning how to work and adapt and diverse situations without compromising patient outcome.  For the past three years, prior to moving to Paris, Texas (June of 2013) his interest in emergency medicine really took off and he was challenged by many cases that gave a greater understanding of how important preventative care really is in an animals overall helthcare plan and how financially burdensome emergency medicine can be for a family compared to the cost of preventative care.